Beauty Review: HD Brows

After several years of brow abuse, 5-10 minutes every morning had to be allocated for “brow damage control”, filling them in with a shadow and pencil concoction. And how is it that without changing anything, you can have an awesome brow day and then the following day it looks like a bad comb-over has been slapped over your eyes?!

It was time to step away from the tweezers and take control of the situation…

Thanks to the fabulous Mapleview Muse fashion event I attended recently, I had an offer for a free HD Brow treatment from Caryl Baker Visage in Mapleview Centre in Burlington, On.



I booked an appointment with Amanda, a very knowledgeable and friendly Face Expert.


An HD Brow treatment consists of a customized brow shaping, waxing and tweezing, a perfectly matched tint that last up to six weeks, and a suggested brow makeup filler to add that extra bit of pop and fill in any remaining patchy areas.

So below is my scary before shot that I took in the car before my appointment. As you can see, my brows had already been filled in, it took me my usual 5 to 10 minutes to get them just right that morning with my shadow/pencil concoction.

IMG_5859 copy

After a thorough explanation of the process, matching of shades, and allergy patch test of the dye, it was time to begin. Face Expert Amanda applied the tint first and then waxed and tweezed any stray brow hairs. She then applied this amazing Brow Extender, which fills in brows with natural fibers and Italian mineral pigments.



You can see the little fibers on the wand. The base has a clay texture and goes on very smoothly, one swipe is really all you need.


A couple of days later and I’m loving my tint. I wash my face and still look like I have normal eyebrows! This is after a day of work, I applied the Brow Extender as part of my now very simple and quick morning brow routine and it’s still holding up 12+ hours later.

DSC_0242 copy

I’m very happy with the natural look of the tint and Brow Extender combination. Please excuse my wonky close up shots 😛

DSC_0239 copy

I’m so excited to leave my tweezers alone and let my brows grow until it’s time for my next appointment with my new “Brow Buddy” 🙂

DSC_0241 copy

Have you tried an HD Brow treatment? If so, were you as happy with the result as I am?

Have a fabulous weekend beauty mavens and style warriors. XO.



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